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Movies keep disappearing - Bazas - 03-01-2015

Hi, I am using Openelec Kodi and films that get watched on a daily basis (kids films) are no longer visible. The only way I have to correct it is to remove the film from the hard drive, clean the library, put the film back on the hard drive and scan for new content. It is getting very tedious to keep doing this. I have checked the file name and type and can find no reason for it. I have had the problem since I upgraded to Gotham and then to Kodi. Does anyone have any clues as to what could be causing the problem.

Thanks Baz

Movies keep disappearing - kobbra - 03-01-2015

sounds like your using a playlist that will only show you unwatched movies.. as soon as they get marked as showed the playlist will stop showing them...

Movies keep disappearing - Bazas - 03-01-2015

No Playlist. I have other films that are still showing that have been marked as watched. The film that keeps disappearing is my daughter and is watched once or twice a day. I have also checked in the folders on Kodi and it is not there either but is still on the drive.