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Cap Uploads??????? - bornnslippy - 04-03-2015

Is there anyway i can cap my uploads as im being traffic managed by Virgin and its killing my internet speed


Re:Re: Cap Uploads??????? - TRaSH - 04-03-2015

KODI doesn't upload if I'm not mistaking,
Perhaps some info when you're using trakt.

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Re:Re: Cap Uploads??????? - bornnslippy - 04-03-2015

Been on too tech Support and they told me that between 12am and 5am this morning that i uploaded 6gb and all we were watching on openelec were youtube music videos on one htpc we had nothing else on

So im confused

Re:Re: Cap Uploads??????? - bornnslippy - 04-03-2015

With openelec on streaming a film

Session Time 0day 00h:00m:18s
Session Data Downloaded 167 KB
Session Data Uploaded 4 MB

Session Time 0day 00h:01m:33s
Session Data Downloaded 885 KB
Session Data Uploaded 23 MB

With Openelec turned off

Session Time 0day 00h:01m:05s
Session Data Downloaded 1,004 KB
Session Data Uploaded 128 KB

Re:Re: Cap Uploads??????? - bornnslippy - 04-03-2015

I think i found the problem

Running Openelec with RSS news feed on

Session Time 0day 00h:01m:28s
Session Data Downloaded 566 KB
Session Data Uploaded 10 MB

With RSS news feed off

Session Time 0day 00h:01m:47s
Session Data Downloaded 211 KB
Session Data Uploaded 2 MB