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No audio with Airplay - Miles - 04-15-2015

i have installed OpenElec 5.0.8. on Raspberry Pi-2. All works fine but if I start Rasp without connecting HDMI port there is no audio about Airport. I see Airport chanel on mobile but it don't work. I can select it but after a few seconds it goes back to last working Airpord selection. I want to use this raspberry to listen music about the audio output and select music with my mobile and send it about airport to the rasp. Who could help?

No audio with Airplay - pubiya - 04-21-2015

Same with me. Had the same problem on 5.0.5 and now on 5.0.8 aswell. iTunes says this Airplay-Device is not compatible with this Version of iTunes, after rebooting or sometimes disabling and enabling Airplay it works again.

No audio with Airplay - Miles - 04-21-2015

Thanks for your answer. But it dont't could be that it sometimes work and sometimes not. It isn't a stable system. Now I have installed Raspbian with Shairport and playing music about airplay works fine.

No audio with Airplay - tower41000 - 04-22-2015

you can blame apple for this as they change specifications of their crap every now and then...and it s closed source, like everything they do.

No audio with Airplay - Miles - 04-22-2015

I could blame Apple yes. But Apple is a company that want to earn money, you could say much money or to much money. They want to make profit. And the truth is I couldn't change if they change its specifications. But if they change it and Shairport works the people from OpenElec could make a update that airport works again.

No audio with Airplay - chewitt - 04-23-2015

Shairport is not part of OE. That code is embedded within Kodi, so if/when Kodi devs come up with a fix for the problem (assuming it's been reported to them) we will consume the fix.

No audio with Airplay - brentjcampbell - 05-02-2015

I have the same problem on 5.0.8 as well. iTunes says “this Airplay-Device is not compatible with this Version of iTunes”.

But, after rebooting with zeroconf and airplay off, then turning them back on. Airplay connects and shows music playing, but no sound is output.

Here is a my log:

Any thoughts?

No audio with Airplay - chewitt - 05-03-2015

thought: read post #6 again then complain to the correct place :whistle:

No audio with Airplay - brentjcampbell - 05-03-2015

Yes, i figured as much, thanks for the reply.

It turns out it wasn't even the airplay, it was that any two channel audio wasn't working, because Kodi was on the "best match" audio output configuration. When I switched to "fixed" configuration and set the max sampling rate to 192k - everything works. However, when on "fixed" configuration AC-3/DTS pass-through doesn't seem to work...

Over to the kodi forum.....