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Pi2 RIP - redraw - 05-13-2015

Finally, after two month running 24/7, Pi2 died. The SD card got randomly corruped, and I had to manually do fsck -y mmblkp02. After that, it went into a loop. OpenELEC splash, Kodi setup wizard, reboot, and again, and again.

I wonder what is the problem with SD Card Corruption. It is very noticiable, and I've seen many cases. Even cases in which SD card was Read Only.
This is big!

Pi2 RIP - nickr - 05-13-2015

Are you overclocking? There seems to be little need to do so on the Pi2.

Pi2 RIP - klojum - 05-13-2015

I think there are over 5 million Raspberry Pi produced, including the RPi 2. I'm sure some of those will be a 'Monday morning' product, and giving issues in one way or another. Just like in any other manufacturing process, there is always a small percentage of below-average quality. Perhaps your RPi-2 is sadly part of that. Or perhaps your SD card was having difficulties all along.