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Distorted and noisy analog audio - ELEC_Ghost - 05-17-2015


I'm using the latest stable OpenELEC version on a Raspberry Pi 2. Unfortunately, when I try to play music from the SD card, it sounds extremely noisy and distorted, so that it's hard to even recognize what song is being played.

In the system settings I switched to analog audio output on 2 channels. I also changed the USB cable and the power supply, but nothing changed.

Any ideas ?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english Wink


Edit: I realized, that the red power LED on the Raspberry switches off from time to time. Does that indicate a problem maybe ?

Distorted and noisy analog audio - klojum - 05-18-2015

The red power led on the RPi must be constant. So either the power adapter is failing, or there is breakage in its cable elsewhere. Perhaps even in the RPi. Also, the RPi-2 requires a decent 2 Amps power adapter. If its power output is insufficient, a multi-colored square should popup in the top right corner of the screen.