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Best Flash card for installing OpenElec - Fozzie Bear - 05-18-2015

I have just acquired an Acer Aspire small form factor PC from a customer which can no longer detect any internally connected SATA hard drive so has been scrapped. However it will still boot from an OS on a USB stick and also recongnises the built in 3 in 1 card reader.
As an experiment I was going to install Openelec on an SD card or MMC card and see how it works.

Is there a lot of difference between an MMC and SD card in terms of performance and longevity. I know they are Nand memory and don't have a sophisticated controller like an SSD Hard drive but I assume the read write cycles to the card by OpenElec are not the same as a normal OS.
It also has a mini PCIE slot which I could put a Broadcom BCM970015 Crystal HD card in to give me HD out. However I believe support has been dropped for this after V5.0. Is there an alternative to the BCM970015 still supported?


Best Flash card for installing OpenElec - klojum - 05-18-2015

Crystal HD card support has indeed been stopped. Alternatively, you could use one of the older OpenELEC builds.

Best Flash card? Usually that's one of the bigger names in the trade: Sandisk, Kingston... As you said, wear-leveling can become a requirement. Kodi's local library is being written to with every video access, start &stop, and also video tech details. All apart from the video scanning library of course. So for now, either get 1 real good flash drive, or several cheap ones. Smile

Best Flash card for installing OpenElec - chewitt - 05-19-2015

I view anything on USB or SD media as a temporary installation. It will be fine, until one day when the physical media develops a fault and it stops working, so make backups or be prepared to start over.

Best Flash card for installing OpenElec - Fozzie Bear - 05-19-2015

Agreed but presumably all the Raspberry Pi users are utilising either a USB flash drive or SD Card? I dont know how many of them have high failure rates?


Best Flash card for installing OpenElec - chewitt - 05-20-2015

pi uses SD cards and the failure rates are noticeable

RE: Best Flash card for installing OpenElec - vydernugadaa2 - 10-12-2020