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Missing channels - richardr - 05-25-2015

I'm running the OpenElec 6.0 Beta (Version 5.95.1) on a Raspberry 2 Model B computer. The issue is that not all the channels that the HTS TVHeadend backend has detected is being listed in the OpenElec TV channels listing. I've tried doing "Reset PVR database" several times. I've rebooted the Pi too. That didn't help.

I can browse to the TVHeadend backend from a different computer (connecting to port 9981), and under Configuration | DVB Inputs | Services, click on "Play" for the channel and it will display. So, I am able to receive that channel. Yet, that same channel is not showing up in OpenElec. The HTS TVHeadend backend is also running on the same Raspberry Pi.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get the missing channels to appear?



Missing channels - nickr - 05-26-2015

Have you got some channel grouping set up and are only viewing a group? (Dunno I have never done channel groups, but it sounds like a likely culprit).

Missing channels - richardr - 05-27-2015

No, I haven't tried anything like playing around with channel grouping.

Thanks for the reply,