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problem with samsung micro sd. not with kingston - aristosv - 06-04-2015

I have 2 micro-sd cards for usage with the raspberry pi 2. One is Samsung and one is Kingston. They both have the latest version of openelec installed.

The problem is that whenever the Samsung card is in the pi, and for some reason I lose power (meaning I don't turn the raspberry pi off gracefully), I get a message saying that a problem occurred while mounting a partition, and openelec does not boot. The Kingston card does not have this problem.

"error in check_disk: could not repair file system, dropping to debug shell try to run fsck manually can't access tty job control turned off"

Any idea why I have this issue only with the Samsung card? And what can I do to avoid this issue when the pi is not gracefully powered off.

problem with samsung micro sd. not with kingston - Pandorica - 06-04-2015

Depending on how badly the card is corrupted, you can put it in another Linux machine and attempt to fsck the filesystem to see if it can be salvaged.

There are a lot of fake Samsung Micro SD cards around, despite them looking legitimate. You could also simply have a bad SD card, and might want to replace it under warranty.

I remember having issues with OpenELEC 5.0.6/5.0.7 where by the SD card would corrupt, but haven't seen it happen on 5.0.8 since. It was however a Samsung Micro SD card from Amazon.

The Raspberry Pi is more sensitive to not being powered off correctly, so you you should ensure you always shutdown the Pi before pulling the power, to avoid any corruption. By pulling the power without a proper shutdown the SD card is prone to corruption because you might do it in the middle of a write cycle, which is bad news.

problem with samsung micro sd. not with kingston - moon - 06-08-2015

There is bug with OpenElec. Not the card nor is it a is OpenElec that is the problem. This happens with many cards, including Transcend. No matter what it seems that eventually the card will become corrupt. They have been trying to fix it but do not believe it is really working and could not find out any info other than it will be fixed in the next release. There is another test release but that sounds like it has more problems too. I switched to OSMC. It is a shame because I really like OpenElec but it is junk if it cannot sustain itself. Just my honest opinion.