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Acronyms List? - 1Movie - 06-07-2015

Is their a acronyms list that list all the common acronyms used at
Every where I go I run into acronyms I am sure it all makes sense to those who has graduated OpenElec college but it has left me confused I clicked on the "Support" that offers to take you to the Forums and the Wiki but both only talk in acronyms 99% I don't know the meaning of I tried to ASSume the meaning of a few then as I read on just become more confused.

How about some tutorials on things like PVR I googled PVR found out its a Personal video recorder, also known as a "digital video recorder" and would like to know how to set it up and use it, I went to the PVR + Live TV category here on this site and right from the start is a flood of acronyms went to the wiki and searched for PVR it returned 4 items clicked on a few and I am not sure they are even relevant to PVR.

I think knowing what the acronyms mean would be a great place to start then finding some tutorials to go through might fill in some of the gaps.


Acronyms List? - nickr - 06-08-2015

Did yuo look up PVR on the kodi wiki?

Acronyms List? - 1Movie - 06-08-2015

nickr post=141511 Wrote:Did yuo look up PVR on the kodi wiki?

Why would I go to the Kodi site the acronyms in question are on this site
For example
If you click on DVB-C support the page loads and the majority of the topics on the page are acronyms.

I searched the Kodi site for acronyms found one irrelevant topic.

Acronyms List? - nickr - 06-08-2015

Openelec is a system that installs kodi, so if you are looking for something that runs on openlelec, chances are you'll find information about it on the kodi site. That is why you would go there.

However I would think that if you want to know about multimedia acronyms in general, there are very good explanations on wikipedia, and no need to duplicate them here or on the kodi site.

Again, the forum is for support for particular problems you may be having, not a comprehensive howto.