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Htpc Stalling - dominic7il - 06-17-2015

Ok so not really an OpenELEC issue, but I'm hoping someone might be able to advise nonetheless.

I have htpc which I built about 2 years ago and is based around the AMD Fusion chipset - it's been running brilliantly up until recently. Last week I noticed the core temperature had risen to about 80c - I immediately powered off and opened up the chassis. It turns out the CPU fan had died, so I replaced it - this brought down the temperature to acceptable levels; I also gave the inside a clean with a can of compressed air.

Since doing this I've been experiencing random stalls about twice a day - when this occurs I'm unable to do anything other than hard reset the system i.e. can't SSH in, keyboard is unresponsive etc... On one occasion I was in the 'System Information' screen of Kodi just before the stall happened, I noticed that the CPU utilisation was spiking rapidly at high levels and the memory was 99% utilised.

Has anyone got any idea what this sounds like?

Htpc Stalling - chewitt - 06-17-2015

Remove and re-seat RAM, expansion cards and cables in case you dislodged something during the spring-cleaning session. If that doesn't cure it the problem is likely with software and since the read-only packaging of OE prevents you from fiddling with the OS the culprit is usually a Kodi plugin. Crapware repo's and free streaming plugins that update in the background being a more frequent cause of problems.