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Tivo Slide Pro - Resume from standby? - NZHone - 07-14-2015

Hi everyone,
I've followed the instructions from here and over at to get myself set up with a system that I'm very happy with.
I've got an ASUS chromebox and used Matt Devo's script to set this up running openelec standalone.
I have managed to get the Tivo Slide Pro RF remote setup perfectly with all the buttons working and mapped where I want them.
There is only one thing remaining that I can't seem to get working: Using the remote to resume from suspend.
Has anyone had any luck using this remote to bring their box out of suspend?

Very occasionally when in suspend the light on the RF dongle will blink when I press a button on the remote whilst it is suspended (maybe 1 in 20 presses), but I've been unable to get it to wake up and have to resort to the button on the box to bring it back.

Running 5.0.8 (Stable)

Can anyone provide some help or insights. Thanks.