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PXE Boot stopped working with Kernel 4.1.1 - chrisk2305 - 07-25-2015

Hi there,
If have been using PXE/TFTP Boot for the last 6 month without any issues but since I upgraded my Kernel (Server side) to 4.1.1 it stopped working. When I try to boot via Network the Kernel loads fine but then stops when trying to mount the NFS Share. I get the error: Error in mount_flash , Could not mount
Network works fine though. Then I booted another linux live cd and tried to mount the NFS Share manually which also worked.

After checking various settings, I compiled a new kernel version (4.1.2) with the exact same options and voila the system boots again over network. Last night I upgraded to Kernel 4.1.3 and network boot failed again with the above error. Any Idea what the issue is? Is this just a bug in the kernel?

Thanks in advance,