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OpenElec & KODI on Flash Drive - Young - 08-21-2015

Went to use my OPENelec the other day on my win XP laptop.. and the system would not boot..
The Open System has always worked fine.. just hadn't needed it for a long time.. is there a way to fix this system boot problem??

OpenElec & KODI on Flash Drive - chewitt - 08-22-2015

Your description reads like "my car doesn't work, it has an engine, why doesn't the car start?" so there's not much to go on. Fix the bootloader is my guess, but that's only a guess. It could easily be the spark plugs, alternator, battery, lack of petrol, nodding nun on the dashboard. Who knows Smile

OpenElec & KODI on Flash Drive - Young - 08-23-2015

That's because I don't know any thing.. :-)
All I can say is it a flash drive with elec.. that loads KODI.. at start up..
So what is the boot loader???
It has gas cuz the machine starts.. the batery works. cuz it turns over..
Wouldn't have a NUN on the dash..LoL

OpenElec & KODI on Flash Drive - klojum - 08-23-2015

On a USB Flash drive, I'm guessing you can have the same troubles as on a SD card, where either data can corrupt sooner or later, or the thing itself just dies. Although the boot area is not the location where lots of data are being rewritten, even USB sticks can fail. So, always keep backups or disk images of stuff that you consider important.

Two weeks ago I was in a computer store where someone came in with a faulty USB stick that had school exams (or something similar) on it. He had no current backups of the files... Once those things go *bang*, there is no easy way back.

OpenElec & KODI on Flash Drive - chewitt - 08-23-2015

Geek proverb: "There are 10 types of IT user; those who make backups religiously, and those who didn't loose all their data yet" Smile

OpenElec & KODI on Flash Drive - Young - 08-23-2015

I know about back ups.. this is not an issue.. if the thing is dead so be it.. Tongue

BUT I will add it has not been used it just been sitting there collecting dust.. I was just needing it for an outside thing I am doing.. and wanted to get some stuff off it..
I downloaded a program called Ext2Read and I can see all the stuff and I can move files..etc.. so I really don't think the drive is dead ..
Since I know Nothing about Linux and OpenELEC.. can I just move everything off it and then remake the OS and move KODI back??
Sry for being To stupid to live.