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OE mirror to TV (Chromecast,ezcast...) - gark81 - 08-27-2015

Hi all,

i need to know if there are any solution for that i want :
i've a "mini-pc" with OE 5.08 in my bedroom connected to router, and i want to mirror it to Livingroom's TV

i'd thought to use Chromecast or similar (EZCast, miracast...) ...

is it possible?
what do you recommend me?
i've read that EZCast has more options than Chromecast

Which model should i buy?


OE mirror to TV (Chromecast,ezcast...) - chewitt - 08-27-2015

You can send video *to* Kodi (using the Apple Airplay protocol) but Kodi cannot stream/mirror/transmit video out to something else.

OE mirror to TV (Chromecast,ezcast...) - gda - 08-27-2015

I don't understand for what mirroring should be good in this setting. You see the same movie in the sleeping room and in the living room? And you have to go from the living room to the sleeping room if you want to stop it?

Instead of the *cast-Sticks buy a RPi2 and install OpenELEC on it. Add plexbmc addon/script to both installations. Add the Plex Media Server to you Mini-PC.
Now you see all your Movies in sleeping and living room and you can play two different movies to the same time. With a Web-Client on your desktop/laptop/tablet or a Plex app you can see movies where ever you are in your flat and you can decide to continue looking that movies at your livingroom/sleeping room clients. It even is using the same chromecast icon Wink. But it is not mirroring! The device that has initiated playing a movie on another device, can be powered off afterwords.
Plex works with chromecast dongles too, but I tested only shortly, wifi is bad even with router beside it and it can't do 50 Hz.