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First Impressions... - somerandomhash - 06-30-2011

Seriously, I am really impressed.

Running the Xstreamer ULTRA, which I have been playing around with gently for about 3 weeks now (gently does it) I first heard about openelec via the xstreamer forums.

I have just this evening setup the install following the supplied instructions via Win7 machine.

Flawless, well documented instruction and quick, easy to do even for 'basic' pc users.

I created a 1GB Install Key. Booted the ULTRA and followed the again clear simple instructions 'Quick Install' selected a 2 GB USB (Crossfire) and off it went. I powered down the machine and removed the install key. Approx 30 seconds later I saw the Bootscreen and then XBMC.

The ULTRA hardware now really shines with the fact that everything just works, the remote works, the wireless keyboard works and I was quicly up and running on my lan. I have only so far added an external source and figured out my audio setup and played around.

I will come back to the simple fact that it's fast, minimal and for me at least works out of the box which is a superp achiement and all those developers of openelec, ultra (xstreamer), xbmc etc have pulled off something that give a well known internet brands (cough GTV) own offering a spanking. Showing how it SHOULD be done.

Thankyou, :cheer:

I intend to play further and in share my findings here and at the xstreamer forums but I suspect I may not be the only one.

Re: First Impressions... - altoiddealer - 07-01-2011

<3 OpenELEC

<3 the developers :laugh:

Re: First Impressions... - gilphilbert - 07-01-2011

On behalf of the development team, thanks for your kind words.

I'm glad you're enjoying OpenELEC and that everything is working well for you.

Re: First Impressions... - steb79 - 07-04-2011

Hi somerandomhash

I am interested to know who well the Xstreamer ULTRA performs compared to the Zotac ZBOX HD-ID41 which has almost the same spec (apart from the 3D stuff with HDMI 1.4a)

Can you let me know:
1) Do 1080p Movies (from MKV files) play perfectly with no dropped frames (press o on the the keyboard to see stats)
2) What does the CPU and GPU percentage reach when you play these files?
3) How loud does the fan go when playing these files? Does it stay at 24dba or does it go louder?
4) Can the unit do DTS-HDMA audio passthrough through the HDMI lead to a receiver?



Re: First Impressions... - somerandomhash - 07-05-2011

@steb79 I will try your request and post back am afraid I dont have a DTS capable receiver though, so cannot answer that.

In general though my machine runs very well mkv files look really good and it's very quiet.

Re: First Impressions... - therio - 07-05-2011

steb79 post=7935 Wrote:Can you let me know:

4) Can the unit do DTS-HDMA audio passthrough through the HDMI lead to a receiver?

About the DTS-HD Master Audio (with a HDMI connection supporting version 1.3), every box could passthrough in theory, only you'll need the software to get it working and currently XBMC does not support DTS-HDMA or Dolby-TrueHD. They are working on it, but it will take time.

Re: First Impressions... - steb79 - 07-06-2011

Hi Therio

I am very sorry, you did mention this already on another post, and I forgot about that


Re: First Impressions... - therio - 07-06-2011

No problem, just to inform other who will find this topic first in the search for this answer

Re: First Impressions... - steb79 - 07-19-2011

Hi somerandomhash

Just wondering how things are going with your Xtreamer Ultra?

Have you noticed any dropped frames when playing 1080p MKV movies?



Re: First Impressions... - Gizmo_Ger - 07-19-2011

@somerandomhash:I couldn´t agree more.
I am using it now for week and I am loving it - more and more!
It works out of the box, it´s mind-blowing fast, easy to configure and let´s not forget the WAF!
That´s exactly what a HTPC should be! I appreciate the fact that it´s slimmed down for functionality, cleaned out by the clutter and yet still keeping that simple beauty.

Update? No problem, just copying two files in a folder, reboot - bamm! Updated system
Configuration? No problem, most of the files are availible through a share! How easy is that?
Support? Very friendly, always trying to help!

As you can read I am really in love with that software. Confusedilly:

Before I used Xtreamer Pro (slow, too much clutter meaning no unified GUI) and a Popcorn A210 (unified GUI but slow and sometimes a bit too picky). Anyhow they have to hide in the closet now.

A big THANK YOU to the developers and the whole team and everybody who is involved in this awesome project!