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hdhomerun issues - Superfly33 - 09-16-2015

Looked at every forum, a ton of posts, found the step by step guide on this forum with the hdhomerun/tv headon one and still can't get hdhomerun to work on my system. Running intel nuc, openelec 5.0.8, HDHR4-2US. Only trying to watch local channels from my antenna on my roof (it works)
Haven't been able to update the firmware from, but one of the above posts said it shouldn't matter. it says my firmware is 20140604b. my hdhomerun is on the network, i can go to the page and see the channels found 65 of them under channel line up. system status is populated, but my tuner status says none for both tuner 0 & tuner 1. in Kodi, live tv is active, upnp settings is active, although when i go to video-files-upnp devices nothing is there, from another thread my hdhomerun should be there correct? I think i've read so much crap and tried so many things i'm cornfused now. Any guidance from anyone would be appreciated..

hdhomerun issues - Superfly33 - 09-17-2015

Well i got the firmware updated thru my pc, i can see the channels thru the hd config gui on my pc. it works thru pc, but
still can't get it to work on my openelec/kodi system...

hdhomerun issues - Superfly33 - 09-18-2015

Got it working....

hdhomerun issues - openelec909 - 10-30-2015

I'm having the same issues, but I'm in the UK. I can use the HDHomerun add-on and see live TV via that, but the homerun tuners are not detected in tvheadend backend so the tv menu option doesn't appear. I'm pretty sure everything is set up ok as I plugged in a usb tuner stick last night, scanned and had it set up in about 10 mins in tv headend.
I'm assuming you mean you got the homerun to be able to be selected as an input to record shows? If so, how did you do that please?
Thanks in advance.

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