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HD access - addboy - 10-02-2015

I'm running Openelec on a raspberry pie 2 and can not access a HD with Blu-ray moves on it. I can see the HD but can not get to the move directories.

HD access - klojum - 10-02-2015

That is all the tech info you can provide? Is the HDD powered by the RPi?

If you can SSH into the RPi with the HDD connected, please share the URLs for:
- blkid | pastebinit
- mount | pastebinit
(both minus the '-' signs...)

HD access - addboy - 10-03-2015

HD is in a docking station connected via a USB. The Drive is a 2 TB with files loaded under NTFS.

HD access - klojum - 10-03-2015

And where are the 2 listings I requested?');