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Backing up openelec - pseudo7 - 07-01-2011


I want to try experimenting with openelec and some ubuntu distro.

I was wondering (to save bandwith for scrapers etc), is it possible to kind of clone an openelec set-up.

In samba I can see
  • .xbmc
  • .dvdcss
  • Userdata
If I copy all of these then when I come to reinstall openelec, if i put them all back will it work like before.

Or is this a stupid idea?

Many thanks in advance

Re: Backing up openelec - therio - 07-01-2011

Don't forget to copy your .config map
.dvdcss isn't needed I think if you didn't do any modifications to it.
But with overwriting these files, it should work, but only if you're going to setup the same build as before. Other builds may have updates in those maps, so if you want to be sure, reinstall the same build and update afterwards.

Re: Backing up openelec - pseudo7 - 07-01-2011

Thanks for your prompt response.');