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Mounted HDD in /Storage? - rdesmarais2 - 10-07-2015

I am running Openelec on a RI2 and I have an external seagate drive plugged in.

I want to have
all point to folders on that drive, and have TVHEADEND record to the /recordings folder.

The HDD defaulted to /root/media/Seagate Expansion Dr
I created a recordings folder and mapped it in tvheadend as /root/media/Seagate Expansion Dr/recordings but it just kept giving me constant error messages.

Mounted HDD in /Storage? - klojum - 10-07-2015

Quote:I want to have
Is your RPi already set up that wa? If not, do that first.

Quote: but it just kept giving me constant error messages.
No error messages exist here without a complete kodi.log file being pastebin'd and URL available Smile

Mounted HDD in /Storage? - rdesmarais2 - 10-07-2015

Yeah the RPi is up and running just fine, it currently records fine, just the mSD isn't very good for PVR functionality.

I rather change the directory (if that's the proper term) than worry about the error. But I can try to find it when I get back from work if you want

well the recording error was easy enough to fix, its \devicenameseagate expasion drecording. I found it trying to transfer what I recorded yesterday before I left for work. But my real question is how do I get the storage folders to be on the HDD?

When I access Kodi from my tablet and look at recordings it only shows me the /storage/recordings directory (ie none now) and I dont know how to add other directories. If I go to pictures/video/music I can add directories but under TV Recordings it only looks at /storage/recordings.

Mounted HDD in /Storage? - rdesmarais2 - 10-13-2015

I assume this to be a rather easy I wrong?

For some reason the directory isnt working...I can use it to transfer files via ssh but as a directory for tvheadend it doesnt work. Any one have any ideas? I would also like to rename it if anyone knows how to do that.

RE: Mounted HDD in /Storage? - vydernugadaa2 - 10-13-2020