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Beebox dual display - sundaydiver - 10-08-2015

I have bought a beebox braswell nuc to install openelec. I was hoping to utilize the dual hdmi outputs as follows.
- hdmi1 direct to tv with audio downmixed to stereo.
- hdmi2 to avr with audio bitstreamed.

Will this work automatically? I.e.once i have configured output settings for each output, I can simply change the hdmi input on the tv to switch between the two beebox outputs and the audio settings will stick and openelec will switch outputs?

Note: I DON'T want both outputs operational at once. only one at a time.

I need to make this as simple as possible for WAF. It won't fly if you need to go into kodi display settings and manually change audio settings everytime the hdmi output is switched between tv and avr.


Beebox dual display - chewitt - 10-08-2015

Kodi is designed with a single HDMI output and single (static) audio configuration in mind. You need to mirror the HDMI output (it can probably be done, but might need some xorg.conf tweaking) and use the DarkAngel dual-audio builds so that you output audio simultaneously with different configs to both AVR and TV. Kodi has static audio config so you DO need to have both operational at the same time.

Re:Beebox dual display - sundaydiver - 10-08-2015

Hmmm, okay. So it sounds like with dual audio I don't need to switch hdmi inputs on tv either, but just mute tv when avr is switched on.
Thank you.