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Invalid img-file - olax - 10-09-2015

Whenever I try to import the image file in ImgBurn it gives me the following error message:
"Invalid or unsupported image file format!"
I get a similar message from Windows Disk Image Burner.
I first tried the most recent OpenELEC-Generic.i386-5.0.8.img but have since tried with several other Kodi 5 images with no luck.
I have in the meantime burnt other Linux disk images successfully with the same setup and approach, so I'm pretty sure it's not an software or hardware error on my side.
Can someone confirm that the i386-5 images are working?
And if so suggest the correct approach for burning these images if ImgBurn can't be used?

Invalid img-file - trogggy - 10-09-2015

The images are fine, I used that one a couple of days ago.
Use win32diskimager to write the .img file to a usb stick.

Invalid img-file - olax - 10-09-2015

Ok, that explains it i guess. I assumed the img-file was a CD image not a USB image, since I've struggled to boot from USB on this hardware.