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Refresh Rate Issues. - plupien79 - 10-22-2015

I've got 5.0.8 running on a Biostar 1037u based board.

My display is set to 1080p@ 60hz...
I also have it set to change the refresh rate to match the video and sometime it seem that it gets stuck and doesn't automatically revert to 60hz after videos are played.

Is there anyway to make that setting stick when not playing videos?

Refresh Rate Issues. - klojum - 10-23-2015

Although the 1037u cpu/gpu is a pretty stable combo (see my signature below), I guess another fluke can always be just around the corner.
I suggest you try OE 5.95.5 first. If that doesn't help, try a test build here (test builds can present other bugs, of course):
- Isengard:;O=D
- Jarvis:;O=D
And let us know of your findings. Please include a debug-enabled kodi.log file next time, supplied via pastebin.

Refresh Rate Issues. - Rijard - 10-30-2015

I have a similar issue. Having the most recent OpenELEC stable version 5.0.8. running on Intel NUC box.
My TV refresh rate is 50Hz.
This frequency I set to OpenELEC box, too.
For playback, however, I set the box to follow movie refresh rate.
So usually it works fine; when starting movie, TV changes refresh rate to 24Hz and after stopping playback it reverts back to 50Hz.
But sometimes it doesn't revert back and stays on 24Hz even on main menu display (movies, series, photo, ...)
There are two ways, how to put it back:
-restart the box
-set the default refresh rate in settings.
But I'd rather get rid of this issue.
Does anybody have similar experience?

Refresh Rate Issues. - Big Aero - 10-30-2015

I have a similar issue, infact it's very much opposite to what your experiencing.

If I play live tv (which is deinterlaced 50hz), and I then back out to the main menu whilst live tv is playing, the fps changes to 25hz within the menus, even though Openelec is set to 50hz, and the content I'm watching is 50hz.

I've posted debug logs and was told by one of the Openelec moderators that this is more than likely a Kodi bug, but yet this issue only exists on all Openelec 6 betas. Openelec 4-5, Windows 8.1-10, Ubuntu and Mac OSX (all running Kodi 15.x, OE4-5 Kodi 13-14) do not suffer from this issue, the menus are silky smooth at 50fps regardless to whether live tv is playing or not.

It's not so much an issue for those who cannot see the difference between 25 and 50fps, but for those who can see the difference it certainly makes a high powered HTPC look sluggish.

Refresh Rate Issues. - Big Aero - 11-02-2015

Just to confirm this 25fps GUI issue is also apparent on the final release of Openelec 6.0.

It's a shame since Openelec 4 & 5 were silky smooth at 50fps.

My guess is Openelec is now more focused on lower powered systems such as the Pi and Wetek, which may not be capable of higher frame rates in the GUI when live tv is playing?

Refresh Rate Issues. - Rijard - 11-09-2015

Well, seems that my issue was caused by quick switching from HDMI input to TV input on my TV set.
I realized, that after finish watching the movie (running at 24fps) I stopped the playback and almost immediatelly I used to switch to TV tuner on my TV set. So the HDMI input had no time to change the refresh rate back to 50 Hz; later when I switched again to HDMI input, there was a OpenELEC menu screen, however yet on 24 fps.
This is my explanation, based on experience. Last 14 days I wait after stopping the playback at least 2 secs (until TV set shows on OSD refresh rate "1080i/50Hz"). When applying this delay, no issue appears. So far Smile

Refresh Rate Issues. - plupien79 - 12-07-2015

This issue still exists for me with OE 6.

Refresh Rate Issues. - Rijard - 12-07-2015

As I wrote - for me the issue appears, when I stop the video running on i.e. 24fps and I don't leave the TV unit a recovery time enough to switch to the industry power supply rate 50 or 60Hz. It usually takes about 1 sec. to recover. If I switch over to TV tuner earlier, OE stucks on 24fps. Well, you are right, it is same on all versions of OE. It is probably more an issue (or a behaviour) of a TV, which hasn't enough time to sync back.
Plupien, try to avoid quick switching back from HDMI input (Kodi's) to another input or TV. Does it help?

Refresh Rate Issues. - plupien79 - 12-07-2015

No switching. I use my tv for Openelec and Netflix. THat's all.

RE: Refresh Rate Issues. - fangzanglee - 03-21-2019

(12-07-2015, 09:49 PM)plupien79 Wrote: No switching. I use my tv for Openelec and Netflix. THat's all.

Good idea. I will try to use Openelec.