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Playback volume issue - maddiesdad00 - 10-24-2015

Just fired up a NUC2820 running thru Onkyo TX-NR737 to the TV. Volume within the Kodi menus (TV tunes show theme as example) plays at what sounds to be twice the volume of actual video playbacks. Receiver must be turned to -25db for decent volume during video playback (crazy loud when flipping back to the Kodi menus)

Audio output device: HDA Intel PCH, ONK TX-NR737 on HDMI
Number of channels: 2.0
Output configuration: Optimized
Stereo upmix: Disabled
Maintain original volume on downmix: Enabled
Resample quality: High
Enable passthrough: Enabled
DD AC2 capable receiver: Enabled
Enable DD transcoding: Enabled
DD+ (E-AC3) capable receiver: Enabled
DTS capable: Enabled
True capable: Enabled
DTS-HD capable: Enabled
Openelec 5.08
Helix 14.2
HDMi connection
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Playback volume issue - jmpnm - 11-03-2015

Same problem here with Rasp connected by hdmi to TV and after upgrade to openelec 6.0