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live tv bouquets - dolphs - 11-15-2015

Hi - installed OpenELEC6 on my RPI2 and must admit I do like it a lot.
However there is room for improvement of course, mainy a skin/ display feature I am looking for ...

As my main purpose is to watch TV with this device I wonder if the Confluence Skin ( or other ) can be tuned so the TV Channels and Groups will be displayed on your screen at once, instead of pressing either " red button " ( listing All TV Channels ) or " OK " and selecting " screen " ( the icon left from EPG ) to cycle through the groups that got created in the backend by pressing 2-20 times on the remote to finally get to the group you want. Once you entered a specific Group, zapping back to eq channel " 1 " won't lead you anywhere as you are locked in that specific Group selected earlier , thus you need to press " OK " and " screen " again to set it back to " All TV Channels ".

The solution to do this quicker is taken from the enigma2 interface ( attached ), which allows you to quickly cycle through the groups and channels . It takes only one click on your remote to see all groups available ( from the backend ) which allows you to quickly cycle trough the channels. However if similar is availble already, either from a separate skin or even in Confluence, that would be great and I have simply overlooked it? Possibly the WETEK devices use a skin that is optimised for watching TV and that skin would be what I am looking for in this matter ?

live tv bouquets - dolphs - 11-21-2015

OK now that I played around with the RPi2 a little more I found a nice work around that will do the job ...
Found out where to reprogram the " RED " - button ( /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps ) in remote.xml

So instead of " <red>ActivateWindow(TVChannels)</red> " it should open the " TV - screen "-icon ( which appears to be playlist ) at once. If you will press " OK " and navigate with " > " arrow to that " TV-screen icon " you will get to the bouquets created. To have an idea what I am after, please find attached a pic in which I highlighted that specific " playlist " - function ( it is left from EPG ).

Once there, the groups created can be viewed and presssing " < " allows me to browse quickly through these groups ( instead of " > " ). Hopefully the " quickly browse down/up " - functionality can be inverted somehow, so the functionality will be at the left side instead of right - but that is for another stage, first things first.

Once updating " red " - button from " ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/remote.xml " to " <red>Playlist</red> it appears I get stuck eg watching a movie as it opens up the " playlist " from the video section and not the one from livetv, so I should consider a " script " under " red " that execute two kodi functions :


Can someone help how to do that please as pressing a button long is not implemented yet: that in fact would be ideal.
thanks in advance

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