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Unsupported refresh after sitting idle. - daweze - 11-29-2015

OE 6 on an intel i3 nuc and has a strange problem. On a fresh boot all video content will play perfectly (SD/HD/3D.SBS) but if the machine sits idle for a period of time (hours/over night/work day) playing a SBS video will display unsupported resolution on the display other content still plays. If i reboot the box and go to the SBS video it will play fine. Looking in the log it looks to be trying to display at 25hrz??? when it exhibits the problem, reboot and it plays fine at 23.98 in the log. Turning off Adjust display refresh rate to match video to seems to fix the problem but that is not a solution.
Any ideas???

debug kodi.log pastbin

Unsupported refresh after sitting idle. - daweze - 12-02-2015

Tried a clean install of OE 6 and reset bios to defaults and not change. If i go back to OE 5 all works as expected.


Another note my wife found that some OTA HD content will trigger the unsupported res and the logs still indicate that 25hz is also trying to be forced on playing. the tv show. The res for the show is is also 23.98.