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Intel Nuc, Denon x1000, sound skipping/dropping - - 11-30-2015

Hi guys, I'll also post this in the kodi forum as well. I've set up a system for my mother who is in india which consists of a Intel nuc with openelec 5 and a Denon receiver x1000. The Denon is connected to 5.1 speakers.

The problem is that for the past two months, any time she tries to play a video file, either locally from the hard drive or a YouTube video, the audio starts dropping. The receiver shows lpcm on and off and the sounds goes on and off accordingly. The video plays through with no problem, you wouldn't know there is a problem if you were watching it muted.

The problem is that I'm in the uk right now and so I'm doing remote tech support. I've tried both pass through with all the options selected since the receiver can handle it all as well as turning off pass through audio. The channels are set at 2.0.

Any idea as to what the issue is? I'm trying to figure out if it's kodi or openelec. Thanks for any help.

Intel Nuc, Denon x1000, sound skipping/dropping - Roby77 - 11-30-2015

i have a denon x2000 and no problem with oe 5,6 and now oe 7 beta

are you sure it's not a bad hdmi cable...or an hardware problem with your denon

what about connected directly to tv

btw post a debug log (also in forum)

Intel Nuc, Denon x1000, sound skipping/dropping - - 12-02-2015

I don't think its the hdmi cable. HDMI cables either work or don't work, they can't have an in between. I don't think its a denon issue either as it plays from the set top box and blu ray player perfectly fine with no drops. Kodi plays music files perfectly fine, its just videos. shall do a log and post it.

Intel Nuc, Denon x1000, sound skipping/dropping - - 12-05-2015

restarted the system, went to youtube, played a video, still dropping audio

RE: Intel Nuc, Denon x1000, sound skipping/dropping - vydernugadaa2 - 10-14-2020