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Display Signal Quality - Zweikeks - 12-01-2015


my system is a WeTek OE Box, Kodi 15.2, OE 6.0.0, VDR, DVB-S/S2.
I would like to look up the signal quality. Is this possible
- on the command line? Femon perhaps?
- as an overlay? By pressing 'o' on the keyboard, CodecInfo? I am missing the signal quality there as well as the "Show signal quality" in System->Settings->TV->Playback. Compare My menu does not have the "Show signal quality" parameter. However, there is a <signalquality> entry in guisettings.xml.
- as a nice overlay, see here:

I would be glad to get some hints,

Display Signal Quality - Zweikeks - 12-02-2015

Or asked the other way round:
Can you display the signal quality (strength, SNR, BER or the like) of your DVB-S/S2 tuner?
How do you do that?


Display Signal Quality - bam - 12-02-2015

For my DVB-S/S2 tuner I can,
but for DVB-T2 tuner Geniatech T230 I can't - it shows all the zeros, whereas in Tvheadend WEB interface I can see SNR properly

PS: it's x86_64 system I have

Display Signal Quality - Zweikeks - 12-02-2015

Hello bam,

thanks for sharing.
So, how do you do it? By pressing 'o' in the Confluence skin of Kodi?
Or do you use a command line tool?
Does it look like this screenshot?

I am using the WeTek OpenELEC Box with a DVB S/S2 tuner.
It seems that in my Kodi 15.2 with Confluence skin the signal quality display is disabled.
I can't enable it via the GUI. The menu item is not displayed.
It is set to false in guisettings.xml. If I set it to true, it has no effect and is overwritten later on.
Maybe I have to use another skin or displaying the signal quality is not supported on my system at all.

Display Signal Quality - bam - 12-02-2015

Yes it's pressing 'o', it looks similar but my backend is Tvheadend, not VDR. And I have "Show signal quality" item in System->Settings->TV->Playback

Display Signal Quality - Zweikeks - 12-03-2015

Ah - it's so simple. I had to alter the Settings Level to Advanced or Expert... (see below)
Obviously the highly sophisticated signal quality on a somewhat hidden key is not for everyone ;-)

bam - I am glad you confirmed that it has to work.

So, finally for my WeTek OE Box, Kodi 15.2, OE 6.0.0, VDR or tvheadend, DVB-S/S2:
- To get the signal quality as a nice overlay:
Switch to Settings Level Advanced or Expert in the lower left corner of the settings window.
In the submenu Playback switch on "Show signal quality".
While a TV channel is playing fullscreen press 'o' on an attached USB keyboard.
- The signal quality overlay is also working with tvheadend.
(- femon can be installed with the add-on "dvb-apps" from the unsupported unofficial OpenELEC repository.
I didn't get it to work right out of the box. Didn't spent time on it since I don't need it (yet). It is not needed for the overlay.)

Display Signal Quality - sirtoby - 10-11-2017

Thanks for the summary, zweikeks.

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