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Internal ATV Storage and file transfert - black-ice - 12-06-2015

I ve installed open elec on my atv1 160go.
It is the version 5.95.5
I ve installed open elec on the hard drive. I don't know how to use the internal storage. i want add movies on it
I seen in system information/ storage
filesystem size used available use% Monted on
/dev/sda 1 333.8M 282.1M 51.6M 85% /flash
/dev/sda3 145.8G 67.5M 138.3G 0% /storage
how can acces to this storage ? I dont see atv1 in my network on my computer...
Thank you for your help

EDIT 1 I have fund how to transfert my floder, I had a configuration problem and and restore the default configuration
Now the AtV is avaible in my network !

I ve another question. how can i transfert usb on the internal storage ? i ve seen the file manager but i can do nothing with the atv1 remote
Thank you

Internal ATV Storage and file transfert - chewitt - 12-07-2015

AppleTV does not have enough RAM so the installer tweaks the installed configuration to disable SAMBA services; which saves some RAM. If you reset the box via the OE settings addon you erase those tweaks and you pick-up the normal OE defaults where SAMBA is enabled. That will allow you to copy files to the box over the network (slowly as it only has 100-BaseT Ethernet). If you want to copy files "internally" from a USB drive; either learn how to use the File Manager GUI which is a little odd but does work ( or login to the box over SSH and use 'cp' to copy files between folders. The USB drive will be mounted under /var/media/NAME where NAME is the disk label of the drive and /storage/movies and /storage/tvshows are pre-mapped as sources in Kodi.

Internal ATV Storage and file transfert - preppietrash - 12-12-2015

AppleTV 1 had XBMC 11 previously installed
[unofficial] OpenELEC 5.95.5
SFTP from macbook with yosemite


I recently installed openelec on a USB stick and I am able to boot with no problem- I have everything even wireless working... however when I SFTP to openelec with filezilla- I can't seem to browse the internal appleTV 1 hard drive which had some videos I uploaded when I was running XBMC 11 on it- I also can't browse to it from openelec itself- if I go to videos and do 'add source' either I'm not sure where to browse or the drive is not mounted-

any pointers?

Internal ATV Storage and file transfert - chewitt - 12-13-2015

The internal partitions are HFS+ and you probably need to fsck /dev/sda4 before it will automatically mount. Even then the filesystems will mount read-only unless you force (or script) the mount as Linux doesn't like the journaling on HFS+ drives. In the long-term you'll be better off retrieving files from the drive and doing a HDD install before copying them back. If you look at dmesg you'll probably see errors which explain the lack of mounting.

Internal ATV Storage and file transfert - preppietrash - 12-27-2015


I appreciate you taking the time and explaining to me why the drive was not mounting... makes total sense now-

If I'm going to do a disk install I would like to do it on a much larger drive... If I change the internal drive of the ATV1 to a new drive 250GB can I do an installation to it as is- or does the drive in the ATV1 need to have the Apple OS and partitions on it, also if I can do it on a blank drive what format does the drive need to be?


Internal ATV Storage and file transfert - chewitt - 12-28-2015

The installer nukes/overwrites anything on the drive so no need to have the AppleOS on the disk - a blank drive formatted as {blank} is fine. Amazon do IDE SSD's in small sizes relatively inexpensively which are good (cooler, faster, quieter) but need media moved to a NAS in the network.

Internal ATV Storage and file transfert - preppietrash - 12-28-2015

it's the same size as a laptop drive, right? if that's the case I have a 250GB Intel SSD I'm not using that I can stick in there and do a clean install-

Internal ATV Storage and file transfert - chewitt - 12-28-2015

It's a 2.5" laptop-sized drive but it uses the older IDE/PATA interface not SATA (the Intel SSD is probably SATA). It's possible to squeeze some types of IDE > SATA adapter into the AppleTV case but it's always a super-tight fit and you need to choose carefully. IMHO if you're heading down the SSD route it's easier to get a new one with the correct IDE interface - but ultimately you need to consider the $$$ spend. I wouldn't spend too much on up-speccing a 9-year old AppleTV box as there are too many cheap alternatives with 20x the performance around these days (RPi2, WeTek, etc.). If you already have a NAS to store media on you don't need large capacity in-box and the lower capacity "Kingspec" IDE SSD's from Amazon are an okay price and a direct swap. They are not the same quality or performance as the Intel SSD you have, but you're going to attach the SSD to to a PATA interface with a theoretical max 100Mb/sec throughput so the SSD isn't the bottleneck.

Internal ATV Storage and file transfert - preppietrash - 12-31-2015

thank you again for the super detailed explanation-

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