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[SOLVED]Sunfounder Rasperry Pi PCD8544(GPIO)Shield - revmaster - 12-07-2015

Hello all,

I´ve got the display (topic) from a friend of mine. Any chance to get this running with OE ?
(I am on OpenELEC-RPi2.arm-7.0-Milhouse-20151206210512-#1206-gc5875ae)



Sunfounder Rasperry Pi PCD8544 (GPIO) Shield - revmaster - 12-08-2015

After a "few" hours of testing/trying, I got the solution:

I installed a standard Raspbian Image on a second SD Card.
Pulled the following GIT :
Compiled it. -> Everything fine.

Then : wget
Unpacked, Changed "pcd8544_rpi.c" to my needs and compiled it.

Now copied three files from the PI : "gpio" , "" and "" to my PC

Now booted OpenElec. SSH into console and then the following steps:

Change to /storage and make two directories "lib" and "bin"
Copy the "lib*" to "lib" and the "gpio" to "bin"
Do a "chmod +x bin" and "chmod +x lib"
Change owner of "gpio" to root and "chmod" it to "4755"

Now get the new "lib" and "bin" to the "standard lib and bin" Just extend the path with:

export PATH=$PATH:/storage/bin
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/storage/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Now simply start "./cpushow" and everthing is working

Links that helped:
Wiring Pi by
Ryans tech blog

Have fun (I know the IP Adress get´s capped a bit, but .... B) )

Have fun trying it.