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distorted audio on usb speakers - arch- - 12-08-2015


I'm using openelec 6.0.0 on a raspberry pi2 and recently decided to buy an usb-only speaker.
I got the logitech s150 and tried it on the RPI2.
It got recognized immediately and I was able to select the "ALSA USB analog" or the "ALSA USB SPDIF" output.
But the resulting audio is distorted. It is audible and you can understand words and so on but it has a background noise and the overall sound quality is very poor.
I played around with the audio options but there was no change.
Just to be sure it was not a problem of the speakers I tried them on a standard PC and there was no sound distorsion.
The power supply of the RPI2 is a 2A and I even tried with a powered USB hub and the result was exactly the same.

Does anyone had a similar problem? and how was it solved?

Thank you in advance!