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DVD and BlueRay Playback - Mouseman14 - 12-14-2015


I am new to OpenElec and I like to know in it is possible to watch Original DVD and BlueRay disks?
If it is possible I like to know wich Hardware ist the best for it?

Many thanks in advance !


DVD and BlueRay Playback - chewitt - 12-15-2015

DVD's are no problem. BR disks are a little more complicated. The majority of retail BR media is DRM encrypted (unencrypted is no problem) and because the consortium that runs the BR standard has never licensed a player application for Linux there is officially no legal way of playing those discs under Linux. That doesn't mean playing of encrypted discs is not possible - and we embed libaacs into OE. However, to avoid legal issues we do not allow people to post detailed instructions on how to use libaacs in these forums so you will need to do a little reading on libaacs elsewhere and look in /storage/.config. Please accept our apologies for being vague .. but we have to be. The alternative approach to DVD/BR media is a disc ripping app and a NAS box to store the rips on. It takes a bit of time and effort but ripping saves a lot of physical storage space and doesn't involve your kids leaving the discs everywhere Smile