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Recommendation for a good DVB-T tuner - tobias - 07-04-2011

My USB-DVB-T sticks die one by one.:dry:
First, my "Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-TD-Stick Dual-Tuner" wich did great service for about one year. Form one day to the other it couldn't map the services anymore...

I got a Terratec CinergyTStick a few weeks ago, and it did well untill this morning. It can detect muxes as well as channels. But as soon as I try to tune to them "Bad signal / No input".
If I plug the antenna cable directly to the TV, I can watch all channels without any problem. :S

Can anyone recommend me a good and durable USB or PCIe tuner for DVB-T?

For those who cares, I'm using OpenELEC_PVR-ION.x86_64-devel-20110608-r7341 atm. But I could do some perfect recordings yesterday and I din't change anything. Not even a reboot untill I noticed the fried live-tv. :blink: