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AppleTV1 does not play .ts videofiles - robk - 12-30-2015

I have openelec 6.0/kodi installed on an AppleTv1. When I try to play .ts videofiles from my videorecorder the images are heavily distorted. Probably in openelec/Kodi the right codec for .ts files is missing.
Is there any add-on or upgrade available to play .ts videofiles?
If not, is a developer willing to write code to play .ts files?
many thanks for any help or suggestion.

AppleTV1 does not play .ts videofiles - chewitt - 12-31-2015

Most .ts files are raw MPEG2 streams and Kodi will play them fine. However, there is no hardware decoding for MPEG2 on an AppleTV so it will be done in software. These boxes aren't blessed with amazing CPUs so it could simply be that the box cannot keep up (esp. if they are HD files). NB: This is also true for boxes with a CrystalHD card fitted. CrystalHD's MPEG2 decode never worked properly so my current unofficial builds have support patched-out to ensure decoding is done properly in software.