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Can't scrape UPnP NAS - Numinel - 01-07-2016

I have one Synology NAS (NFS) where scrape works fine a D-Link NAS (UPnP) where I can't even set content (menu item missing) so I can't scrape the contents.
Is there an issue with UPnP shares compared to NFS shares?
Both NAS contains the same type of contents.

I'm using the legacy nvidia 6.0.0 build

Can't scrape UPnP NAS - trogggy - 01-08-2016

That's normal. Something to do with the nature of the UPnP links, and that they can change over time - it comes up fairly regularly on the kodi site.

Can't scrape UPnP NAS - klojum - 01-08-2016

Is there a reason to use UPnP when you have NFS available? UPnP/DLNA still has plenty of awkward hiccups IMO.

Can't scrape UPnP NAS - Numinel - 01-10-2016

The Dlink NAS is my old NAS which I should throw away or use for something else since I have a Synology 4-bay NAS that works perfect.
Thanks for the information, now I know why it won't work with my old NAS.