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Display is black after some time - JWise1203 - 01-14-2016

I have recently started using OpenELEC on a Raspberry Pi 2. It's been great with the exception of a couple of display issues. Currently I have my RPi2 connected directly to a small 20" TV via HDMI.

I leave the Pi powered on. My issue is after a day or two, when I turn the TV on, there is no signal from the Pi. In order to get things working again I need to remove power to the Pi and plug it back in. The display comes back just fine for another day or two, and the same thing happens again. Any thoughts?

Please let me know any addtional information you need me to post. Thanks for your help.

Display is black after some time - JohnHughes - 01-28-2016

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RE: Display is black after some time - katefox - 12-12-2019

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RE: Display is black after some time - arianapham1 - 12-23-2019

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RE: Display is black after some time - alanabui - 02-20-2020

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RE: Display is black after some time - monicadennis - 04-15-2020

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RE: Display is black after some time - fennpall - 07-03-2020

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RE: Display is black after some time - joandavis - 07-27-2020

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