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no iptv simple client - jaylar - 01-15-2016

Hi all just got my first pi v2 and just loaded kodi software onto it v6 and i see there is no pvr clients the setting menu anyone know if am doing something wrong i know my way round kodi from a fire tv thanks for any advice jay

no iptv simple client - gda - 01-17-2016

Many of us here, including me, are not native English speakers, so don't make it unnecessary hard to read your post. Use punctuation characters!

You installed the pvr client, before you tried to find settings for it?


no iptv simple client - jaylar - 01-20-2016

Anybody am on 15.2 isengard

no iptv simple client - jaylar - 01-20-2016

Thanks for reply. It wont let me install the pvr client it is greyed out

no iptv simple client - Zweikeks - 01-20-2016

Hello jaylar,

I am not quite sure what your problem is. Please be specific where in the menu you are and what is not working.
Getting PVR / Live TV working can be a bit tricky. See my tips here:

Hope this helps,