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New HTPC - Kantilo - 03-14-2016

Hello, i have see the HTPC : MSI Wind Box DC111-027XEU

But in the forum of Kodi i have see "The 1037U is a pretty good XBMC chip - with only one limitation. It has the 24p bug that means it can't output a 23.976Hz signal precisely. If you can cope with the odd frame jump, or are happy to sync playback to refresh rate and don't notice the odd audio frame repeat/drop you'll be fine. I ran a Revo with the 1007U for a while and really liked it.

Unlike the N2820 and 1800/1900 Atom/Celerons the 1037U can do pretty decent scaling and YADIF 2x (not just BOB) de-interlacing.

I ended up with a US import 2955U-based Asus Chromebox to replace my Revo RL80 (passed on to a friend) The 2955U doesn't have the 24p bug - but at the moment it does have an annoying driver issue... "

The date of the post is 2014

The problem is in the MSi PC or in Kodi (2014) ?

Thank's in advance