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Trouble booting from USB stick - OpenFan - 03-29-2016

So ... I hope someone can help.

I have tried to follow the install instructions, making numerous attempts. In the process I have found out something interesting about my Intel Atom 330 (64-bit capable) Board BIOS settings. But still no luck with the USB Boot on version 6 (64-bit).

I tried creating the bootable USB stick on both WinXP (the Intel Atom board) and my other PC (Win7-64). Neither would boot. Then I tried installing from "OpenELEC-Generic.i386-5.0.8.tar" (32-bit legacy) using the "create_install_stick.exe" found on that version. No dice. I also tried using HP Format Utility on the stick after I noticed that after install of version 5 the stick ended up with only 543MB capacity.

I almost concluded there must be something wrong with this old USB stick I had lying around (2+GB) and decided to buy a new one tomorrow.

But the pitbull in me tried yet again. Upon more carefully examining the BIOS on this Intel D945GLF2 I found an Advanced Setting for "USB 2.0" and disabled it.

Voila ! The 5.0 Version booted. Turned it back to Enabled, and it did NOT boot. Re-imaged version 6.0.3 ... but no matter what I do ,,, I can not get the stick to boot in either USB 2.0 enabled or disabled setting.

Suggestions for the next step ?


Trouble booting from USB stick - gda - 03-29-2016

No idea what is your problem, but the small capacity is okay. It will get resized on first boot.


RE: Trouble booting from USB stick - james007 - 11-13-2019

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