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NFS Share Won't Play w/New Files - radarcontact - 06-05-2016

The Facts:

OpenELEC 6.0.3
Kodi 15.2
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Linux Mint 17.3 on the media server
NFS is being used over LAN so that Kodi can see the files I want to stream over the LAN to my Pi
The Pi is connected to the TV via HDMI

The Scenario:

I have a home server I built for all my media proclivities and I have been acquiring my media using the same method for almost 2 years now. Recently I became interested in a separate channel for acquiring said media and now Kodi seems to have an issue with these new files.

I have a kodi.log file here, with the error I am getting: Kodi.log
This is not the full log but it encapsulates the problem, although I can paste the entire log if necessary.

I get this error when I try to play the files in Kodi, which are acquired with this new media acquisition method. I don't THINK that it's the new method that is causing this problem with the exact same type of files from my old way of doing things but it's the first time having this problem.

Also, I was able to play the files on the linux box without problem using VLC so I am pretty certain it is not the files that are broken in any way.

Apologies if this is the wrong avenue for help, as this seemed to be the correct place to me. I may also post in the help forums if this is indeed the incorrect place for my question.

Thanks for any help on this! Big Grin

NFS Share Won't Play w/New Files - gda - 06-05-2016

Did you check the permssions?


NFS Share Won't Play w/New Files - radarcontact - 06-05-2016

I can double check but I don't think it is the folder permissions as other files in the exact same folder that were obtained from my original method still play on the Pi just fine. It is only these new files that do not play nice with the Pi.

EDIT: I've also checked 2 copies of the same file acquired 2 different ways, making sure that the files are identical, and one plays and one doesn't on the Pi. But, both copies play on the linux box (i.e not over LAN) just fine.

EDIT 2: I copied one of the files that is giving me playback issues to my phone which has Kodi 16.1 on it and it played just fine. Maybe I should try upgrading Kodi on the Pi? Not sure... I just recently did a clean install on the Pi with OpenELEC so I don't know if that would help...

Re:NFS Share Won't Play w/New Files - Alessandro.psrt - 06-06-2016

New files are created with different permissions, check it.

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