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Bluetooth - Lips74 - 06-26-2016

Hi! All

I need your openelec expert help. I have a Sony btn-200 bluetooth headphones that I'd like to connect through Bluetooth adapter so that I can use the headphones when I watch movies.

1. Is it possible?
2. If possible. Which adapter? I bought Asus bt-400 and it didn't work. I get Bluetooth error.

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Re:Bluetooth - Lips74 - 06-26-2016

Srry forgot to mention that I use RPI 2 openelec 6.0.2

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Re:Bluetooth - mwake - 07-14-2016

I don't think Bluetooth audio is supported on stable build. I was also interested in this to. As a workaround I had to buy a separate Bluetooth transmitter device and connect that to audio out jack.

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