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Guide for SB Audigy SE / SB0570 with OpenELEC - monocolour - 01-25-2017

I havn't long got this working and figured that I would post instructions, in case others might find it useful.

The Audigy SE seems to me a good second hand upgrade to the anemic sound found on most motherboards. Plus, it has the advantage of being a low profile card.

Instructions are as follows:
1: Make sure that the correct audio output is selected - Default (CA0106 CA0106). It would do no harm at this point to set a Best match as the output configuration - avoiding resampling helps audio quality a little.
2: If you have no sound, as I didn't, log into root via SSH.
3: Run amixer. If you have multiple cards, use aplay -l to determine the correct one and select the card using the -c flag. So for example:
amixer -c 1
4: The correct card in amixer will have outputs like "Analog Rear", "Analog Side" , "Digital Source".
5: We need to disable IEC958, so, depending on your card configuration, type amixer sset 'IEC958' toggle

That should do it, and with any luck you'll have audio.

To save these changes, I added the following to my /storage/.config/

amixer set 'IEC958' toggle;
amixer set 'Master' 90%;
amixer set 'Analog Front' 75%;
} &

The latter two commands are because I found the default volume to be a little too high for using with an amplifier.

I hope this is a useful guide for somebody.