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channels scanning for VDR - templeton - 02-13-2017

good morning,
I'm trying to solve many little problems regarding TV in openelec.

1. recordings of channels which doesn't have NID and TID set on channels.conf appears dated 1.1.1970; date is OK via web, and recording folder name has the correct date. I've seen this bug reported previously, but not yet solved. Comes out tht if there is no EIT data, due missing pids, this happens, even if the set recording date and time would be fine.
2. why are NID and TID missing? I'm trying 2 options: w_scan and dvbv5-scan; w_scan works fine and sets NID and TID, exccept for some italian networks which for some unexplained reason transmit wrong data in the terrestrial_delivery_system_descriptor: specifically the center frequency is wrong, so w_scan updates data for a different frequency, which at the end will not have any channels; while the correct frequency has NID TID remaining 0 and all the settings to 999 (ex. I999B8C999D999T999G999Y999). newer version of w_scan even updates the transponder with the new frequency, missing then the real channels on the correct frequency. second option dvbv5-scan: works perfectly but leaves specifically to 0 all the NID TID pids; why? is it because they are supposed to be filed by VDR? actually some of them get filed (later on), some are not, so missing EPG and having recordings with 1.1.1970 date. which is the best solution, except then compiling manually the channels.conf, mixing informations from the 2 sources?
3. why is the broadcasted terrestrial_delivery_system_descriptor for RAI in italy containing strange center frequency data? could be a mistake, but sounds strange to me that they didn't notice it, and nobody is complaining for that.... maybe some reason accepted and decided, thatI don't knnow and someone can help me find out.

best regards