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Stuck at Openelec splashscreen - kero - 04-10-2017

So openelec did it again.

I updated to openelec 8.0 on my cubox 4i and it stuck at the Openelec splash screen.
I updated from Openelec 7...which i had to install because the last update (to 7) was also buggy release.

Do you never make some kind of quality check before you release an update?
This is so annoying.

Stuck at Openelec splashscreen - kero - 04-11-2017

rm /storage/,kodi/userdata/Database/Addons27.db

and everything is fine

Stuck at Openelec splashscreen - sraue - 04-11-2017

thats one of the issues with Kodi with every major upgrade... and thats why we highly recommend a new install with every new OpenELEC major upgrade since years... dont know what i should write in our release notes about this...?

Stuck at Openelec splashscreen - inyourserve - 06-18-2017

Hello, You are getting black screen or you are hanged at splash screen. So here is the solution according to Kodi Website
1. Close Kodi and open once again.
2. Kodi is updating time by time with newer version. Like Kodi 16, Kodi 17 (Krypton), so it is highly recommended to update with newer version.

If again, it is not solved then uninstall and try to reinstall your kodi.


RE: Stuck at Openelec splashscreen - rahul221sharmaa - 10-31-2019

hotmail anmelden ok here

RE: Stuck at Openelec splashscreen - lawsystuk - 12-31-2019

that is one of the issues with Kodi with each significant update... furthermore, that is the reason we enthusiastically prescribe another introduce with each new OpenELEC significant redesign since years... dont realize what I ought to write in our discharge notes about this...?

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