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Having problems installing - mambojambo - 04-24-2017

trying to install 8.0.2 on a pc that already has 6.95 and having an issue
insert usb and boot pc
get blue and grey openelec installer screen with 3 options and ok or reboot at bottom

problem is nothing seams to get me any further, whatever keys I try I just get gobbledygook on the screen Blush :unsure:

Having problems installing - AU_ACT_2601 - 04-25-2017

I had this too
the display (terminal) and keyboard are in different terminals
Hold down the CTRL and Alt keys then press the F1 F2 etc to switch between terminals.

Having problems installing - ifoundanavailablename - 05-07-2017

I have the exact same problem on both 8.0.2 and 8.0.3. I can't navigate in the Main Menu on the installation GUI. If I click "down" I just get the characters "[[B^" written all over the GUI. Did you find a solution to this problem?