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Update 7.01 to 8.02 Addons wont work - JusthaveFun - 04-26-2017

Dear Community,

I've updated my Openelec from 7.01 to 8.02 and everything worked except my Addons (Skin, PVR / TVHeadend, Radio, etc.).
I'm using a Intel NUC5CPYH (Celeron N3050) incl. BT & WiFi for my Home Theater. // IP: (hardwired) or (WLAN)
My movies, series, music, etc is stored in a NAS as well as my SQL DB. // IP:
Watching movies and series is working perfect but unfortunately the migration process for my addons (I've a Kodi on my Home PC too and after update routine on the PC I saw a migration process) won't work as well as my Addons.
Due to the fact that my Theater have access to my NAS I've checked my Firewall Settings (which I haven't changed) as well as the connectivty (see logs). Sadly I haven't figured out why this occured.

All Addons are disbaled in the Settings and I can't update them. Furthermore I don't have access to the Openelec or Kodi Reps.
Consequently my Skin (Rapier) doesn't work as well as my IP TV (TVHeadend Frontend). I've checked the logs a couple of times but I can't find the issue.
Could anybody help me?

If you need further information please don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you in advance.

Update 7.01 to 8.02 Addons wont work - JusthaveFun - 04-30-2017

never mind, I'm switching to LibreELEC.
Please close

Update 7.01 to 8.02 Addons wont work - sraue - 04-30-2017

the issue is/was the update between the kodi releases without doing a soft reset like its recommended in our release anouncenments if you have problems