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Can't get OpenElec to install on Intel Nuc DN2820 - Blandest - 06-30-2017

I have the Intel Nuc DN2820 with a HDD installed.

I try to install openelec via USB stick but then I get the error message after all is said and done that no bootable drive is found.

I've tried installing both using EFI and using legacy boot. No matter how I install when I'm finished and reboot and I get an error message about no bootable drive being found.

I've searched the forums and the internet and I did find some posts that involved modifying some config files but they were quite old and confusing.

Is there something I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance.

Can't get OpenElec to install on Intel Nuc DN2820 - AU_ACT_2601 - 07-01-2017

BIOS up to date? Version 0043 i think fixes this, was an update last month as well.

Can't get OpenElec to install on Intel Nuc DN2820 - fele - 07-12-2017

Hi all
I was on openelec 6.0.x. installed on a ssd and tried to install 8.0.4. No luck, also updated bios, but that did not do the trick either. I've installed 7.0.1, that worked, back again to 8.0.4 and no luck. Started to think that maybe the image file is the problem. So I've downloaded the 8.0.1. version, that not even started to install, always froze. Get the next one, the 8.0.2. image file, installed it and it worked, started normally with uefi boot. The next thing was to update to 8.0.4. and it did without any problem. My best bet is that the 8.0.4. image file has a bug.

RE: Can't get OpenElec to install on Intel Nuc DN2820 - FredP - 06-03-2018

Try to install 7.x image from USB, then use the update tarfile from 8.0.4 and copy it in the update folder. It should update after reboot and you'll get your 8.0.4 up and running.

I had the same problem on an Intel NUC. Didn't even bother updating the BIOS...
I don't see how the BIOS can be at fault when 7.x install fine and Ubuntu install fine as well.

RE: Can't get OpenElec to install on Intel Nuc DN2820 - Prop-er - 06-17-2018

Same issue:

RE: Can't get OpenElec to install on Intel Nuc DN2820 - Willie - 08-31-2019

thanks for sharing this information with us as I was really very worried about my this issue. as I also used to have this and same problem after the installation happened with me. but by the time I read review here and have just followed your step I am ok now. thanks.

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