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Poster Thumbnail resolution problem - JaRiL - 10-28-2017


i have a problem with My Intel Nuc Openelec box

my setup is
the intel nux box streams over FTP from my server where i store all my movies local and all metadata with it

so in my kodi settings i scrape with local information and it all works fine.

except the resolution of my posters are waaaayy to low, checked one of the movies and the thumbnail poster was 92x138 pixels and the poster i have stored on the server is 1400x2100 so its been resized HEAVELY..

i have tried to use the advancesettings.xml file to fix this with

but this does not seem to work...

after i put in the XML i have tried to restart - no fix
tried to delete all thumbnails and restart - no fix
tried to delete all library, all thumbnails and reboot - no fix
tried to delete all library, all thumbnails, delete Textures13.db and reboot - no fix

what more can i try or do i something obious wrong ?

i've since discovered that when using FTP i should use a <ftp>
i have tried this, even with the other settings inside the <ftp></ftp> tag.. still not working

i have found a tedious solution, i can change the poster with the option "Choose art" under information of a specific movie and get the nice resoulution image i want...

but this solution is not automated for all movies so if i use this option i will have to do it manually to all my 4000 movies...