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Updating Linux tv box - new person - Nixter75 - 11-10-2017

Hi all,
Sorry if this has been asked before and I've tried to find solution here but all is a little baffling.
I'm used to updating tv boxes with kodi but recently been given a Linux box that's a little out of date and need to bring everything upto kodi 17.X
Below is info.
1. Stand alone Linux tv box (basically a micro Linux computer)
2.kodi 14.2 helix
3.openelec version 5.0.6
4. Tried to manual updating and says version 6.0.3 available but does not update
Can someone please advice how I can put latest software on this system?
Apologies but a newbie so could do with some basic help

Many thanks

Updating Linux tv box - new person - yubby - 11-11-2017

1. backup everything... (especially the user data)
2. download the 'tar' file at (don't see the 6.0.1 anymore): or for the current version:
3. copy (scp) the tar file to ~/.update on the OpenElec unit
4. reboot the OpenElec unit
5. cross fingers...

6. If you've figured out how to access the 'shares' on the OpenElec unit from 'Windows', you can 'drag and drop' the 'tar' file into the "Update" folder... (then, reboot)