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EPGs for TVPlayer/TVCatchup - mackronickson - 10-22-2018

Right, before anyone panics, both TVPlayer and TVCatchup are fully authorised and legal re-transmitters of broadcast content in the UK! I am NOT asking for anything to do with piracy. TVCatchup is listed in the official Kodi repo.
I would like to use these addons for watching live broadcast TV via Kodi. It's just getting too complicated to have to explain to my other half, or elderly visitors, that live TV comes through the YouView box, so they need to switch that on and change the HDMI input channel on the TV.....
However, while the TVCatchup addon in the Kodi repo does come with an EPG, it's not exactly the best looking one and for me, it seems to be pretty unresponsive.
Ideally I'd like an EPG that:

  • Automatically connects up to either TVPlayer or TVCatchup

  • Includes things like channel logos, and possibly a brief bit of preview text

  • Offers a single-click connection to the relevant channel - ie. I don't want to select a programme/channel to then get a menu that then asks me every time what add-on to use
Does anyone have any recommendations/suggestions?

Once again, I am NOT asking for anything that facilities illegal viewing, I just want something that looks like the Sky or YouView EPG that's just as easy to use (once properly set up, I don't mind doing the legwork in the first instance).

Thanks in advance!