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.ts, .m2ts or .mkv? - marc282 - 07-28-2011

I want to backup my blu-ray archive to a NAS using Tsmuxer (.ts or .m2ts format) or MakeMKV (.mkv format), saving the main movie, 1-2 audio streams and a few subtitles.

Does OpenELEC/XBMC handle all 3 containers equally good or are there any advantages to prefer one container over the others?
Are there differences regarding subtitles (forced), chapters or fast ff/rw when playing back the files?


Re: .ts, .m2ts or .mkv? - therio - 07-28-2011

What box are you going to use?
If the videostream is too high ION's can have problems with all to handle them

Re: .ts, .m2ts or .mkv? - marc282 - 07-28-2011

I have a AsRock 330 ION, NAS is connected via GBit Lan or USB as an alternative.

Re: .ts, .m2ts or .mkv? - therio - 07-28-2011

m2ts and mkv both work by default, don't know about ts.
Try to compress the file a bit, as suggested before. Then it should work.

Re: .ts, .m2ts or .mkv? - The_Dogg - 07-29-2011

I can confirm that .ts works aswell, I have a few movies in .ts and they work OK, I only say OK because some of them have a higher bitrate and I have a few issues with those, but I know this can also happen with some high bitrate mkvs also